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Home visit vaccination by Pedia Ko by Dr Liza Cruz

Pedia Ko by Dr. Liza Cruz

About the clinic

Pedia Ko does home vaccination that includes complete physical examination


Monday to Saturday (8 am to 6 pm)

Locations served

Metro manila and nearby provinces

Contact number


Services offered

Since COVID quarantine and Social distancing is the new normal, Dr. Liza Cruz is now offering modified home clinic vaccinations for her patients - WELL BABIES/CHILDREN/ADOLESCENTS ( with complete physical examination)

Pedia Ko only do it in an open area
- back of the van ( converted to a mini clinic)
- gate
- garage
- garden
- clubhouse

There will be a pre-vaccination assessment by phone one day prior to appointment

1. Please wear masks ( 2 years old and up) (preferably with face shield).
2. Please prepare a chair and a small table for me ( where I can place my vaccine materials)
3. Please prepare a longer table for my weighing scale and changing pad ( where i can give vaccinations for babies - ideal for 24 months and below)
4. Maximum exposure per patient with doctor is 15 min only
5. Please come to me one at a time. For babies only one adult companion is needed
*** if 2 & 3 are not feasible, we can just do it at the back of my van and i will be the one to provide it

What to expect:
1. The clinic come with a secretary in full PPE
2. The clinic change PPE in every house we go
3. The clinic staff wear a shoe cover
4. The clinic sterilizes or disinfects equipment ( weighing scale, mini bed, etc .) for every patient
5. The clinic don’t see sick children ( if need to consult, you may do virtual consultation with Pedia Ko clinic)

Patients can check Dr. Liza Cruz's fb page:

PEDIA Ko by Dr Liza Cruz
( pls fill out the google forms and message 09175429456 for your desired schedule)

Please feel free to text , viber or pm Dr. Liza Cruz on your post vaccination questions or other concerns. Rest assured the Dr. Cruz will reply to you within the day.

Please prepare EXACT AMOUNT in an envelope or payment via G Cash or bank transfer.

The clinic is hoping for your honesty ( please disclose any exposure or illnesses prior to our set schedule) since the clinic is extending help to keep your child protected and vaccinated.

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Home Vaccination Inquiry Form
Preferred time
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