Bookuna Circle FAQs


What is Bookuna Circle?

Bookuna Circle is a community-based approach in achieving herd immunity by vaccination. It is a membership circle of Bookuna for individuals looking for discounted vaccines within their vicinity.

Do I have to pay anything to join?

The best thing about signing up to Bookuna Circle is that it is absolutely FREE.

When I sign up, what would I receive ?

By joining Bookuna Circle, you will be eligible for discounted vaccination services available in our partner clinics. The discounts may also apply to your subsequent vaccination doses.

How do I get the preferred discounted vaccine?

After joining Bookuna Circle, you will be notified once the vaccination service is open for discount in your preferred clinic. Vaccines will be administered to you by our partner clinic offering the discounted vaccine.

How much are the discount rates offered in Bookuna Circle?

Discount rates offered by Bookuna Circle range from a minimum of 5% up to 30%. Discounts vary based on the rates set by partner clinics and public demand in a location. The more people joining Bookuna Circle in your location, the higher discounts will be available. The discount that will apply to a particular vaccination service will be communicated by Bookuna via email, SMS, Facebook, or through the website.

How do I pay for the discounted vaccines in Bookuna Circle?

Transaction fees will ONLY be made when you choose to avail the discounted vaccines offered to you through Bookuna Circle from the Bookuna Team. To reserve a slot, a 500 pesos down payment will be required and forwarded to our partner clinic as part of the initial payment. The rest of the payment may be made on-site after your vaccination service.

Is Bookuna Circle available for home vaccinations?

Bookuna Circle is limited only for clinic vaccinations. However, we can make arrangements for a group of more than five (5) individuals for vaccinations in one venue (home, office, etc.). If you are interested, please coordinate with the Bookuna Team at

For how many doses does my discount apply?

By default, the discount provided to you applies to ONE dose only. However, if you have a subsequent vaccine dose schedule, you may reserve another slot for your next dose through the platform or you may directly email us at

What is the original price of the vaccination service?

The original price of the vaccination service varies depending on the vaccine type, vaccine brand, and vaccine stock availability in the clinic. The original full prices offered by our Partner Clinics are provided in the Bookuna Circle page.

Until when is a particular Bookuna Circle open?

A Bookuna Circle is open for reservation until slots become full.

How do I reschedule?

Kindly email us at for scheduling concerns.

If I cancel, will I get my down payment back?

The 500 pesos initial payment is non-refundable. You may instead park your slot and reschedule for a vaccination service in the future. Please understand that we collect initial payments to protect our Partner Clinics from scammers and to ensure the efficiency of our booking management.